Do what Works

I didn't grow up in a family that sat down to dinner every night. I grew up with a single mom in medical school. We did the best we could. It wasn't until college that I really started to develop my own food ethic, yes it's an ethic. I went to the University of Vermont where local food & agriculture was cool, we embraced it. I spent my sophomore year of college living in an intentional community where we purchased, prepared and ate only local foods. I learned a ton. We put up endless jars of tomatoes, blanched chard, and had boxes upon boxes of apples in our cellar.

When I moved into my own house, my roommates and I were dedicated CSA purchasers. We bought and ate locally from the co-op, we cooked at home and sang and danced in the kitchen. I can remember the weeks we'd get huge heads of cabbage in our CSA box, look knowingly at each other and then cook the same cabbage and tomato sauce and eat it over and over again, because we liked it. 

This, to some extent, has stayed the same. I find something I like and I really like it and then I eat it for weeks. It works for me. It might not work for you. That's the thing about food, it's all about what works for you. Find this out, notice your body, study it and pay attention and then be brave enough to say "I love you, but I can't eat that because it will hurt me". This is a process I'm still working with daily, it takes time and patience and compassion. 

And joy, because eating should be joyful, a celebration, a sharing. My favorite thing is to cook a delicious meal with friends. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be fun. I'm not an expert, but I want to share what I'm learning a long the way about food, cooking, planning and eating well.