Handstands + Miracles

There are teachers that can find the right string of words to enter directly into the heart. Rebecca Butler is one such. As a writer, and she speaks with the same eloquence that she pens. Not just that, but Rebecca gleans the essential gems of other writers – delivering them as she has you laying in pigeon pose for 5 minutes (each side, not kidding).  This method hits hard. Rebecca has such a skill for cadence that you’re with her, every word.

Did I mention she’s wicked strong, too? The woman whose voice lulls you in and out of poses can press up to handstand like it’s cake. The grace, strength and knowingness that makes these poses look effortless is jaw dropping.

I believe her, when she tells stories, because I know you couldn’t speak of miracles and not mean it. You couldn’t move your body this way, and not believe in beauty. You have to live it to teach it. And because her teachings land so true, I know her experiences are too.

Because it’s not all rainbows, and we need contrast, so that which is joyful appears joyful. Teachers who can share tragedy, hardship and the gritty part of life are saying “Hey, it’s okay to feel this”, and “Hey, it can get better”. By feeling our own truths (even the ones that are unpleasant) we allow others the same authenticity. To this I aspire. And it gives me hope – that when I encounter strife and when my heart is breaking – I can remember that I have to live this, so I can teach it.

Babsi and I in a partner baddha konasana, as taught by Rebecca Butler. Photo by Ryan Bonneau

Forward fold and downward dog on the hips - that's for this sweet one, too RB.  Photo by Ryan Bonneau