Forrest Yoga is an intelligent and powerful practice based on four pillars: breath, strength, integrity and spirit. Created by Ana Forrest, with over 40 years of teaching experience, Forrest Yoga is designed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people today. Poses are held longer with a focus on alignment to build heat and strength in the body. Great care is taken to prevent, work with and heal injuries. Breath and core work are at the center of every class, aiding the students to go deeper in their physical practice while connecting to spirit. All levels and abilities welcome.

In Ana's own words:

“I developed Forrest Yoga as I was working through my own healing.  I took poses and modified or created new ones to address today’s lifestyle physical ailments.  For example, the ailments that our bodies are manifesting due to our lifestyle – lower and upper back pain, neck and shoulder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, intestinal disorders.”

“We also crave and need challenge, adventure and a daily diet of delight.  In my own healing quest, I recognized my loss of Spirit.  Something I now see in others – this modern day sense of bereft Spirit.  Through Forrest Yoga you get your physical health and strength and also a place in which to welcome your Spirit back home.  And by this I do not mean a spiritual practice but rather being your authentic self.”

You can read more about Forrest Yoga on their website.

Image Courtesy of Forrest Yoga